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The SOS Children’s Village Somalia has been in the country since 1985 and offered quality care for orphaned, destitute and abandoned children. Since the political crisis in Somalia and due to increasing poverty as a result of prolonged drought and insecurity, the number of children without parental care or at risk of losing parental care has been on the rise.  Since the beginning of operation, CV Mogadishu had served 386 children who have lost the care of their parents, 248 of whom have successfully reintegrated into the  community. Currently the alternative care provides family environment in line with the vision and mission of SOS Children’s Village to 190 children.



The alternative care program in Benadir location implements SOS family care (family-like care), foster care and community-integrated youth. The program provides various opportunities to the children like loving family, living allowance, education and life skills in preparation for an autonomous and self-reliant life.

The main stakeholders and partners of this program are the children,SOS parents,foster parents,child care developemt co-workers, foster families in the community, local community groups and leaders , CSO’s working with children issues, public care institutions, education institutions and government authorities

To maintain the sustainbility in alternative care,  the program team  continues to support children ,young people and caregivers with relevant skills and knowledge to increase children’s abilities, responsibilities and independence.In addition the program promotes stakeholders connection, participation and involvment in the program.

SOS Somalia Youth Care Program started on the year 1996 and was functioning for the last twenty-four years. The young people in the Youth Care Program transit from the SOS Family Care houses to the youth care program at the ages between 14-16 years after undergoing transitional training program before re-integrating to their families of origin.

The program helps the young people to make use of their potentials and achieve their individual development goals through acquiring hard and soft skills that lead them to be responsible adults.

They young people get the opportunity for counseling, mentoring and close follow-up from their parents, relatives and SOS Youth Care Co-workers so that they smoothly reach self-reliance.

They young people get empowerment and participation focused programs that puts the best interest of the young people in the centre of the planning and programming for all the matters that affects their lives and futures.

As part of strengthening the young people participation and giving them a space and influence in decisions that affects their lives, they are invited in planning and evaluation meetings of the organization.

In addition to care and after care support the young people get education and vocational skills training programs, employability and entrepreneurship programs. We impart education, social and life skills training to the young people for their preparation of an independent and autonomous life.


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