Our Commitment to protect Children from any sort of danger & harm

The staff at the SOS Children’s Village are committed to provide loving and caring home to children that enables them develop, grow and learn in a supportive environment to fulfil their dreams in line with the mission of the organization. During the 35th Anniversary, the staff led by the National Director, joined the children in hand painting exercise symbolizing their commitment and dedication to the protection of children from all forms of harm.


The staff reaffirmed their pledge to build families for vulnerable children in need of help, to keep families together, to support young people on their path to independence, and advocate for the rights of children.

One of the staff members, Fadumo, noted that the civil war that raged on for three decades left many children unprotected and highly vulnerable to abuse, hunger and violence. “Vulnerable Somali children are exposed to family separation and loss of loved ones. This imperils their rights to education, health and care. We’re on a mission to protect them. We’re the voice!” she said.