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SOS children’s villages Somalia started health and nutrition operations in Lower shabelle region particularly in Afgoi district,namely in Lafole Health center In Bushka area ,which is about 22 KM away from the capital city of Somalia (Mogadishu ) and about 5 KM away from Afgoi city , the health and nutrition activities started in the middle of 15th of October 2020 and ongoing.

The project is part of multisectoral emergency response to the humanitarian crisis in Somalia under the technical support of SOS children’s villages Italia and full funding of Italian agency for development cooperation. The major focus was to enhance health and wellbeing of the IDPs and vulnerable host communities in the region with a major focus on women and children providing both preventive and curative lifesaving health and nutrition interventions, quality oriented medical care  have been provided to disaster affected population in the area.



The major curative intervention offered by SOS children’s villages was consultations and medical care to pregnant and lactating women to enhance maternal mortality rate through a full equipped antenatal and post-natal care clinics, skilled deliveries were also conducted to minimize the complications and consequences related to home deliveries, additionally the medical treatment has been provided to children from the affected communities  through provision of both under five years and over five years child clinics to lower the infant and child mortality rate in the region.

In addition to the curative services preventive aspects were also part of the health and nutrition activities been carried out during SOS presence in the region, child immunizations, immunization of pregnant women against tetanus, health education sessions on hygiene, nutrition, as well screening for malnutrition, and community-based referrals to the facility were the   key preventive serviced provided. These have been carried out through facility based and home visits of the commonly affected IDPs sites in the region.

During this short period a total of 6,860 under five years children were effectively treated from common childhood illness and life threatening disease,6,628 among those received routine immunizations, giving them protections against childhood illnesses and particularly on vaccine preventable diseases. 11,826 over 5 years and adults were also treated from both communicable and non-communicable diseases. A total of 4,401 pregnant and lactating women were medical assisted and both preventive and curative services been provided while 2000 of these cases were immunized against tetanus and 357 of these cases attended quality based facility delivery, assisted by medical doctor and qualified midwifes.278 were also benefited from the medical assistances given to people affected by gender based violence, 22 of them were particularly survivors from sexual violence received medical care and effective referrals to concerned organizations.

SOS children’s villages recruited 20 qualified care providers to provide these service to the community in need, and 5 community health workers were also identified from local community and motivational incentives had been provided to enhance their effective engagements and participations under the support of Italian agency for development cooperation, there capacity were also enhancing give them up to date trainings on integrated management of acute malnutrition (IMAM) and Basic emergency obstetric and newborn care (BeMONC).this increased there capacity and quality on case identifications and complications related to obstetric and newborn care as well as acute malnutrition.

24/7 ambulance services have been also provided to minimize any delays related to complicated cases related to common maternal and childhood illness, such bleedings and difficulties related to deliveries.

2,953 cases were provided laboratory investigations to confirm common maternal and childhood diseases, malaria, diabetes and other diseases have been identified and treated according during the SOS presence in the region.


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