Your donation helps

orphaned and abandoned children

Shortcode donation

Requesting the short code *789*646794*Lacagta# from your Hormuud Mobile number and eDahab *113*086723*Lacagta#.

you will be able to contribute any amount to help children in SOS Somalia Care live a normal and decent life.

Cash donations

Your donation can make a real difference.

Local Donations

 We gladly receive your contributions to our account

ACC NO: 020300045005 in Premier bank.


International Donations

Intermediary Institution - Party Identifier - Identity Code

African Banking Corporation, Nairobi, Kenya.

Swift Code: ABCLKENA, ACC NO. 001209011000007

Account with Institution

Premier Bank Limited Mogadiscio SO

Swift Code: PBSMSOSM, ACC NO. 020300045005