Introduction YouthCan!

In 2017, we successfully launched the YouthCan! initiative, through which, together with corporates and other partners, we aim to increase our impact on the lives of vulnerable children and young people around the world whilst actively contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals and efficiently working to reduce youth unemployment.


What is YouthCan!


YouthCan! is a global partnership that supports  disadvantaged young people to successfully manage the transition from school to independent adulthood.

By mobilising employees, activating their networks and providing expertise corporates are making a measurable impact in the lives of young people around the globe whilst efficiently working to reduce youth unemployment. 



Why is YouthCan! needed?

The risk of labour market and social exclusion is especially high for young people at risk of losing parental care or who have already lost it. They lack support networks and positive role models, skills training and work experience. Young people, who grow up without the care of their families, often leave the care system ill-equipped to compete effectively on the labour market. Many of them are unemployed, pursue precarious employment conditions, and are exposed to a high risk of poverty.



''60 % of young people leaving SOS Children’s Villages’ family-based care programmes are self-reliant. One of SOS Children’s Villages’ strategic ambitions is to raise this number to 90 % by 2030.''



Strategic Partnerships

YouthCan! builds a strategic partnership between corporates, supporting partners, young people and SOS Children’s Villages.


Young people are the starting point and most essential partner. They bring their talents, engagement and high motivation to the partnership and help shape its interventions.


SOS CHILDREN'S VILLAGES is a credible partner with expertise in child and youth care and development in over 130 countries and brings into the platform their networks of young people who have left the programmes as well as their links to relevant NGOs and institutional partners.


Corporate partners add business expertise and committed employees who can take an active part in the programmes as role models, trainers, or mentors, besides also bringing in financial resources to run the platform.

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