International Youth day

On 12 August 2020, SOS CV Somalia facilitated a youth-led event to commemorate the International Youth Day. The young people who participated in the event highlighted the importance of their participation in all matters that affect their lives.

Collaborating with young people and maximizing their meaningful participation is currently one of the top priorities for SOS Somalia. Apart from the few speeches for the adults most of the time taken by the young people who attended the event.

Some young people from YC and FS programs who talked to the audiences explained how they immensely benefited from the programs provided by SOS and improved their access to sustainable employment opportunities.

“If I look back to my long journey, I don’t know how to be thankful to SOS. Today I am a master holder in Business Administration from IUIU University in Uganda; without SOS I could never live this achievement” Hassan said.

“It is important to emphasize on youth involvement in all levels also strengthening their capability of contributing and leading life span development and achievement,” Hassan who recently exited the YC program added.

The young people messages were very clear and touching the point that they look forward to get more influence and space in planning for their future as they requested to prepare them for reaching a level that they can critically participate in the youth empowerment programs planning and implementation.